Tuesday, August 03, 2004

When Lying Liars Lie

In These Times sez:
If desperation is ugly, then Washington, D.C. today is downright hideous.

Bushferatu Posted by Hello

Hoodoggie, they ain't kiddin'. A mug like Bush's oughta come with a warning lable. But I digress...

As In These Times points out, They (the 'They' being the Team Bush lying fucking assholes) Knew:

There was “no credible evidence” of a collaborative relationship between Iraq and al Qaeda.

They knew Iraq posed no nuclear threat.

They knew the aluminum tubes were not for nuclear weapons.

They knew the Iraq-uranium claims were not supported.

They knew there was no hard evidence of chemical or biological weapons.

They knew there was no Prague meeting.

Conclusion: They knew they were misleading America.

Money Quote:

"...nothing can negate the clear proof that President Bush and other administration official officials vastly overstated the intelligence they were given. They engaged in a calculated and well-coordinated effort to turn a war of choice in Iraq into a perceived war of imminent necessity.

And we are all left paying the price."

Some, with life and limbs.


At 5:15 PM, Blogger Drunken Proletariat said...

Sadly, most people outside of the US saw your stated truths to be virtually self-evident. Any of us who heard Scott Ritter and others knew that Bush was lying his little monkey-ass off. I saw him as a goddam liar the first time I heard him speak, but I'm just cynical about politicians in general. Bush is crying wolf again about the latest terrorist "threat" based , by their own admission, on "intel" that is at least two, maybe three, years old. The press, as usual, just sucks it up and doesn't ask the obvious questions. In my local paper this morning, the front page had a large picture of a heavily armed security-brute standing in front of the NY Stock Exchange. The first thought that came to my mind was.... the terrorists have won. America seems a very different society than it was pre-9-11. A society that lives in fear, not just of "terra", but increasingly of it's own government, and maybe even each other. Also, I looked in Google News and saw a lot of pictures of maimed American soldiers, missing one or more limbs, etc...and I bet those were just the "pretty" ones. It's a big price to pay for the mendacity and arrogance of a few men at the top...Remember the good ole days, when all you had to worry about was the Presidential Penis, and who was doing what to it?

At 8:01 AM, Blogger Capitola said...

Hi DP--

Man, you are soooooooo right -- as usual. Our 'so called liberal media' (SCLM) sucks. They're worthless. And just as culpable in the murderous war in Iraq as the US government. They repeated the lies. They burried the truths. They refused to hold our government accountable or even ask probing questions! They failed us all. Miserably. I watched the DNC on C-span and occasionally flipped the channel to hear what the talking heads were saying and you know what they were doing? Interviewing other talking heads. Un-fucking-believable!

Like you, I, and many many 'normal' and reasonable people the world over knew from the beginning that Bush and his cabal were lying through their caps about Iraq and its "threats." We wondered: are they insane?! We marched in San Francisco, were arrested for participating in die-ins on the the steps of the Federal Building here in Sacramento, and cried out with rage as the first bombs fell on Iraq. The actions of our government, and especially those idiot Americans who supported and continue to support Bush and his 'war' make me fucking sick. How can people be so gullible and/or dumb? Bush is President -- what's that tell you? Things are jacked-up here!

About the wounded....don't see them on the tv news. Oh no. Midgets marrying midgets and wife swapping 'reality' programs are fine and dandy for prime time, but Lordy don't bring on the blues by showing TEENAGERS in some cases whose legs and arms are missing compliments of the current Commander in Chief. Nary a word is mentioned of the thousands of Iraqi deaths or wounded either. It's truly an abomination of humanity.

In my heart I believe that Kerry/Edwards will improve this country. They won't be perfect, no one is, but I have the highest hope things will get 'better' and other nations will embrace us once again.


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