Thursday, August 05, 2004

We don' need no stinkin' permits!

New York Daily News sez activits are laying down the gauntlet in NY:
"We're going to be taking back what belongs to us," said Eric Laursen, one of the organizers involved with A31, a coalition of activists who've spent months planning protests without permits.

Police may call them illegal, but the protests are acts of civil disobedience, organizers say.

The constitution "doesn't say you have freedom of assembly if the police want you [there]," said activist David Graeber. "In Nazi Germany, you had freedom of assembly if the police wanted you to."

Yeah! Now, there are some lefties and centrists and ABBs who fear the activism planned for the RNC in NY, Norman Mailer being one of the worrieds. Why? Because they say that the protests will freak-out 'middle America' voters who'll see such activities as Scary, and will reflect negatively on Kerry.

WTF?! The Republicans have been ripping the world a new ass for nearly four years; if the Lite Left or Center or ABBs don't speak out now, when will they? When is the 'proper' time? What is the 'proper' method of expression?

Sorry, but this Far Leftie has had enough shit sandwhichs force-fed down her throat and is saying No to polite discourse. I'm not going quietly. I'm mad as hell at the direction Bush has taken my country and I'm not going to curb any more of my freedoms because it may offend another person's delicate sensibilities, or may be used by the Right against the Left. Hello? It was US, the angry and fed-up wing of the Left that energized the Democratic base. We marched. We were arrested. We put our mouths to the megaphones and shouted No More! For YT, this election is not worth winning if I have to shelf my beliefs and values in order to achieve victory.

Lead, follow, or get the fuck out of our way. Got it? Good.


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