Monday, August 16, 2004

Human Shields

The Iraqi holy city of Najaf appears to be on the knife's edge of a bloodbath, but the majority of Americans wouldn't know of the escalating conflict because our SCLM would rather cover Michael Jackson's outing in sunlight or listen to Scott Peterson not admit to killing his wife and unborn child, than report important, life and death news.

Thank goodness for Mid East expert USS Juan Cole, who warns of the possible Iraqi national uprising and of the thousands of Iraqis forming a human shield around Muqtada al-Sadr. According to Juan, "many have already gathered at the gates to the old city in Najaf and around the shrine of Imam Ali."

Freedom Fighters Posted by Hello

About 2,000 impassioned Iraqi civilian 'volunteers' cheering Sadr in the marble-floored courtyard of the mosque who made the biggest show of force Monday. Traveling to Najaf from across Iraq, they are swelling the ranks of Sadr's supporters and could be another reason why U.S. troops may think twice before storming the shrine … 'I will lie on the ground in front of the tanks, or I will kill the Americans to defend Sadr and Najaf,' said Fadil Hamed, 30, standing among a group of men who said they walked to Najaf from the southern city of Basra."

Two million Iraqis live in Sadr City, where the Mahdi army has almost universal support; how can 140,000 coalition troops survive an all-out uprising?

They can't.

If you're a religious person: Pray for all.
If you're not a religious person: Pray for all.


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