Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Got Your Peace On?

Activists plan to disrupt the GOP convention; they plan "to hold sit-ins at delegate hotels, take over city intersections, block doors to major corporate offices, confront GOP bigwigs and infiltrate events when Republicans come to town for their political convention."

It's up to US, New York, New Yorrrrrrk! Posted by Hello

Woooohooooooo! The event planners can take their protest cage from the DNC and shove it; the tens of thousands of activists that'll be descending on NY at the end of this month aren't going quietly into the night. They're coming, with a roar of voices, and they'll be heard.
They expect to make their debut by swarming Times Square as thousands of Republicans arrive for a glamorous night of Broadway shows on the eve of the convention. A loose council of protesters will call for mass civil disobedience on Aug. 31, the second day of the convention, and activists expect to target GOP events with sit-ins and street theater.


These activists, many of whom are veteran protesters championing an array of causes, want to seize the rare chance to communicate their anti-Bush message through the world media in town for the convention.

Organizers advise protesters not to wear masks, which are illegal at New York City protests, and to find alternatives to all-black clothing. Khaki is less intimidating, one group suggests. It will also let them blend in.

"They won't know who to arrest or pepper-spray just by looking," a Web site says. "Plus, the crowd will look much more like the average American instead of a marginalized gang of malcontents -- not that there's anything wrong with that."

Props from the West Coast. Ya'll rock the vote!


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