Tuesday, August 17, 2004

GI Joe Doe Sez Hell No!

He won't go.
SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - A decorated U.S. combat veteran filed a lawsuit on Tuesday asserting that the government can not prevent reservists from leaving the military when their enlistment periods end.

The suit against Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and other military officials, names the plaintiff only as John Doe. It says he served in the Marine Corps and Army for nine years on active duty and three years as a reservist.

"This lawsuit seeks to stop the forced retention of men and women who have fulfilled their service obligations," said attorney Michael Sorgen. "When their period of enlistment ends, they should be entitled to return to their families."

Sounds reasonable to YT. Here's hoping thousands of soldiers join the lawsuit and put an end to the back-door draft aka Stop Loss. Let's see how close Team Bush gets to its end game if they must reinstate the draft to do so and it is the white kids of RICH Americans called up to the front lines.

Barb and Jenna first.


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