Friday, August 20, 2004

For Them The Bell Tolls

Snagged, nabbed, nailed, and Busted.
Kerry press release (Excerpt):

Bush Campaign Busted Passing Out “Swift Boat Veterans for Bush” Flyer

Washington, DC - Despite constant denials, the Bush-Cheney campaign today was busted coordinating with the “Swift Boat Veterans for Bush” in their smear campaign against John Kerry. The following press release was issued this afternoon by the Florida Democratic Party. The evidence is attached.

“Bush Campaign Caught Promoting "Swift Boat Vets for Truth"

While National Campaign Denies Coordination, Campaign in Florida Promotes Rally

Tallahassee -- On the same day that the Bush-Cheney campaign repeatedly denied coordinating attacks with the anti-Kerry group "Swift Boat Veterans for Truth," the Bush-Cheney campaign in Florida was caught promoting a rally in Gainesville for the group.

A flyer being distributed at the Alachua County Republican party headquarters, which doubles as the Bush-Cheney campaign headquarters for the county, promotes a weekend rally sponsored by "Swift Boat Vets for Truth, Veterans for Bush, Alachua Bush/Cheney Committee," and others.

Well, whataya know. Team Bush is joined at the hip, er, has direct campaign coordination with a nasty 527 embroiled in political scandal for its attacks on John Kerry's military past.

I was gettin' a bit antsy waiting for Kerry to respond to the Swift Boat Freaks For Bush. I wanted Team Kerry to hurry up already and come out swinging. But SueH in NH thinks the "timing and strategy has been brilliant."
1.Spend a couple of weeks staying above the fray, not appearing weak by arguing.

2. Finally, call Bush out in a strong statement. Call Bush a liar and a cowar[d], like he is.

3. Make sure to time #2 with the outbreak of information proving all the lies and all the ties. (and perhaps help the SCLM to get this information)

And then smack 'em once more for good measure, by taking the high road and denouncing a ad that "attacks George Bush's failure to serve in Vietnam and his failure to call off attacks on John Kerry's war record."

John Kerry, Mr. Nice guy? Sure, why not.

Shrewd, hard-hittin', gettin' all FEC legal violation on their asses MoFo? Fuckin' A right. Kerry spokeswoman, Stephanie Cutter, sez:
``Mr. McClellan needs to understand that John Kerry is not the type of leader who will sit and read `My Pet Goat' to a group of second-graders while America is under attack. John Kerry is a fighter, and he doesn't tolerate lies from others.''


Money quote to Jillian, who has a great title for Al Franken's next book: Flyers and the Lying Liars that Distribute Them.


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