Friday, August 06, 2004

Class vs. Crass

Some people can be so rude! "Some people" being ignorant Bush backers. In Sedilia, MO, yesterday, from the platform of the same train car from which U.S. President Harry Truman gave Republicans "hell" in 1948, John Kerry and John Edwards caught fresh jeers.
"Four more years," chanted dozens of backers of President Bush as the Democratic ticket emerged from their train late on Thursday and waved to hundreds of supporters.

"Flush the Johns," one man shouted.

And how did our PHAT next Veep respond? Like the class act he is:
"I just want to say to those folks who don't want to hear from us: My children are on this train. Show them some good Missouri manners."

Real Family Values Posted by Hello

Isn't John Edwards wonderful?! Look at him with his darling kids. Real men don't need to hide behind loyalty oaths. Only wimps like Bush and Cheney do.


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