Monday, August 23, 2004

Bob Dolt

YT is sick to fucking death of the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth. They're liars. They're GOP hatchet men. (tbogg wonders if maybe "it's guilt that drives the Swift Boat Liars. They came home and sat on their medals while others fought to save American lives). Whatever. Team Bush is backing them. I know it. They know it. We, the People, know it. So why oh why does the media continue to give them and their wingnut supporters air time? Soldiers and civilians are STILL dying in Iraq and the media is obsessing over campaign attack ads! It. Pisses. Me. Off. I know I know. Ratings. The media's Mother of All Motivators. So what was Bob Dole's motivation for trashing Kerry on Blitzer's show yesterday? Digby reminds us that Dole was the "Prince of Fucking Darkness during the 70's and he's still in form today."

Shit Slinging Veterans For Bush Posted by Hello

"He's got himself into this wicket now where he can't extricate himself because not every one of these people can be Republican liars,'' said Mr. Dole, whose right arm was left limp by a war injury. "There's got to be some truth to the charges," he said.

Memo to Dolt: That's what make the SBVT's damn liars. There is no "truth" to their claims.

Shorter Dole: Kerry's lying. Kerry's a liar. Kerry's misleading. Kerry's a french-looking faker. Ignore the men behind the curtain.

Money quote: "I'd say right now Kerry has the edge," Mr. Dole said. "I'm looking at the Electoral College in the battleground states. And even though they didn't get a bounce in the convention, you know, people got to know John Kerry. I think most people liked what they saw. There's a little backlash now because of all the Vietnam thing. But he's probably ahead."

Put that in your crack pipe, Team Bush.

Kos provides the smackdown of Bush's medals, or lack there of. Really. The only metal Bush received during Vietnam is in his mouth. Please oh please Media, get Team Bush to RELEASE HIS DD214.


At 4:19 PM, Blogger Drunken Proletariat said...

I watched NOW with Bill Moyers this weekend. They did a spot on the SBVT thing. They said the ads in question only aired a few times, but generated huge publicity. The sheer audacity of thier claims could cause many, Bob Dole included, to conclude that their must be some truth therein. But why couldn't they all be Repuglican liars? It wouldn't be the first time. I've been reading that Bush did the same thing to John McCain when he opposed him. Bush understands one thing-win at all costs! The public has a very short memory, and none of this will matter after Nov.2

At 8:21 AM, Blogger Capitola said...

Team Bush's attacks on McCain were ruthless, going so far as rumor-mongering he'd fathered a black, illegitimate child. Of course, there were the Kerry-like smears on his military record. Devestating shit. But this, this whole SBVT thing against Kerry, is crazy! Kerry recieved 5 medals. He volunteered for TWO tours of duty. Bush didn't do jack. When he came back from war Kerry was pissed and rightly so. There were atrocities, for fuck's sake! And now, Team Bush is supporting a group of freaks because Bush can't stand on his own character and past. Deny. Deflect. Destroy. Juan Cole nailed it.


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