Wednesday, July 21, 2004


The Linda Ronstadt vs. Las Vegas Dumbasses bruhaha is sweeping the media and Net. Reports of ripped posters and flying cocktails and other ‘obnoxious right wing love my country crap’ have folks on the left shaking their heads in wonder at the stoooopidity of some Americans, and folks on the right saying, well, dumbass shit like this:
And Dave, maybe you should move if you feel that way about the fellow Americans you are living around...

The Bush lovin’-flag wearin’-go fuck yourselves are always anxious to silence free speech when the words spoken (or written) aren’t the ones they can pronounce, comprehend, or want to hear. Their typical response to any form of dissent is telling the dissenter to move. Well, excuse me for livin’, Dennis, but America is our country too. Don’t it make your brown eyes blue?

Come to your senses.

Update: Ronstadt rocks LA:
Ronstadt sang to a full-house Universal Amphitheatre on Tuesday night and the crowd reserved its longest and loudest ovation for her endorsement of filmmaker-provacateur Michael Moore and his documentary "Fahrenheit 9/11."

Before closing her show with the Eagles song "Desperado," Ronstadt was handed a bouquet of flowers. She asked the audience if they wanted to know who sent them and then answered their applause: "They are from the most bravest, most patriotic man. I'm going to dedicate this next song to him, Michael Moore."


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