Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Quid Pro Quo?

Newsweek sheds a little light on Nader's financial backers:

Who's Zoomin' Who? Posted by Hello

One in 10 of Nader's biggest contributors—individuals who've written checks of $1,000 or more—are longtime GOP donors.

Not that there's anything wrong with that. Right?


At 3:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Geez, you people are obsessed with who's funding Ralph, just because you hate Arab-Americans. At the same time, you cannot name a single one of Kerry's big contributors. For all you know, the Trilateralists are giving him a billion dollars to turn all of our public schools into ketchup factories. THERE's your damned school-lunch vegetable! There's your bloody little brainstem, Ronnie Jr.!



At 4:06 PM, Blogger Capitola said...

There, there, Armpit. No need for name-calling. Anti-Arab? Moi? You must have me mistaken for a Repuglican.

Ralph Nader is an egomaniac, running for the highest office not for principled reasons, but to feed his obsessive hunger for the spotlight. The man needs therapy, not a party's endorsment.

Nader's no better -- indeed, he's worse -- than those funding his campaign. At least the GOP has the cajones to admit they're helping Ralph for political reasons -- to derail Kerry/Edwards and keep Bush in office. Ralph's "I'm just a guy trying to keep politics honest" schtick has run its course.

As has your argument.

At 4:54 PM, Blogger Drunken Proletariat said...

Well, CB, I actually disagree with you. For the first time, I think. I don't claim to know everything about American politics and your political culture, but we Canadians are more like Americans than any other people in the world. If Ralph Nader was running here, I sure as hell would vote for him. I think it's more important to vote FOR what you believe in, rather than AGAINST someone/thing. But then again, we don't have the same problems that Americans are now facing. It is most urgent, for the whole worlds' sake, that this crop of fascists that have hijacked the Republican Party get their asses kicked so hard that they will never forget it! In that sense, I really do see your point. I've read some of Nader's stuff,and heard him speak a couple of times, and I do quite like what he has to say. But these are dark times, and maybe America just doesn't have the luxury of exploring other political options right now. By the sounds of it, there might not even BE an election in November, not if that piss-pot-would-be dictator has his way. Can it be possible that your average Republican doesn't know-or care, about this naked grab for absolute, unaccountable power???

At 6:55 PM, Blogger Capitola said...

Hi, DP--

Lucky for you Cannucks, third parties aren't spoilers.

People argue that if the Dems would just get out and vote, Nader wouldn't be a factor. Unfortunately, a lot of middle-of-the-road Americans, those who are on 'our side' and who would beat back Nader's influence, are uninformed or don't care and haven't ever stepped foot in a voting booth. Those of us who do vote, carry the weight for those who don't.

In this election, a vote for Nader IS a vote for Bush. Sad, but true.

At 4:39 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Half of all eligible Americans don't even vote. HALF. That's why they deserve everything they've got coming to them.

Nader is not to blame for this.

Every problem that Nader is "causing" the Democrats can be solved by the Democrats themselves. The issue is that the Democrats are too gutless to stand up and solve their own problems. They prefer to sound like Republicans and to push the Republican agenda as hard as they can.

And then, of course, whine about it.

At 4:42 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The last time I looked, Ralph Nader wasn't the one who was merging the leadership of the Democratic Party into the Republican Party.

The last time I looked, Ralph Nader was more interested than the Dems in getting the Dems to stand up to the Reps.

If the Democrats had half of Nader's balls (that is, one ball) they'd forget all about wanting to be Republicans and go back to standing for something.

At 6:26 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have you guys seen this latest Salon interview with Nader? This guy Talbot who edits Salon is a total idiot. He wants to complain about Nader taking a few bucks from right-wingers, while completely IGNORING the fact that the Democrats are taking many millions more from right-wingers? How can Salon be so fucking stupid on this issue?

If they want to be "investigative journalists," why don't they start investigating the corporations that run both major parties?


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