Monday, July 26, 2004

No Banner For You!

For some reason Al Jazeera's banner was removed from their skybox at the DNC. Hmmmmm. Why?

All 4 One and Not 4 All? Posted by Hello

That's a damn good question, isn't it? Why can every other media in attendance have a company banner at the DNC but not Al Jeezera?
"We contacted the Democratic National Convention and the people who are organising the convention. And then they said it has been removed, maybe for lack of enough space or something like that, although they approved originally the sign and everything on it. And every time we get different answers."

"And finally, they said, 'Sorry, we cannot put it back." And it's the only news organisation sign that was taken," al-Mirazi pointed out.

Sorry? Indeed. And what is being unfurled in place of Al Jeezera's logotype? A banner reading "Strong for America."

May I suggest that in place of the DNC's logotype, a banner should read "Spineless Assholes" or "We Cave To Middle America Pressure" or "Have Accent? Will Bannish."


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