Tuesday, July 06, 2004

It's the oil, stupid!

Andy Serwer over at Fortune [sub only] tells US, it wasn’t the new PHAT Democratic VP candidate that sent stocks tumbling today. It was tremors in the world oil markets. Oil. Texas Gold. You know, dear reader, that cold black stuff running through Bush's veins.
U.S. price of oil moved right back up over $39.50 a barrel. Dow fell 63 points to 10,219. NAZ was worse, much worse, off 43 to 1963.

Here's what Andy sez about my boy, JohnE:
I think it’s the best choice for the Dems. He is obviously charismatic, telegenic, and an excellent campaigner. It’s not so much that he can take North Carolina (probably not), but can he take Ohio and Missouri (maybe)? The Dems are going to have to carefully figure out a way to deal with the lack-of-experience problem. Come back and say, well, how much foreign policy experience did W. have running Texas, the Rangers, and Harken Energy? How much experience did Harry Truman have? Etc.... As for the problem of him being a trial lawyer, he can talk all about the sick children he helped (boo hoo). He was NOT a class-action, strike-suit lawyer a la Bill Lerach, it should be pointed out. If Cheney tries raising this in the debate, it could work against him. As in Edwards could say, "I’m happy to talk about my previous job before I held public office. Let’s also talk about Mr. Cheney’s job running Halliburton and what happened when he was CEO." Not very firm ground for Cheney....


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