Wednesday, July 14, 2004

I Spy A Slimey pEye

Kos brings us the Dallas News' [sub req.] heads-up of the GOPs latest dirty tricks against John Kerry:
Opponents of John Kerry have hired a Dallas-area private investigator to gather information aimed at discrediting his military service, say several veterans who served with the Massachusetts Democrat in Vietnam.
Several veterans who have been contacted in recent days accused the private investigator, Tom Rupprath of Rockwall, of twisting their words to produce misleading and inaccurate accounts that call into doubt the medals Mr. Kerry received for his service.

"They're just distorting things," said Jim Wasser, who served with Mr. Kerry. "They have nothing to go after John Kerry for, so now they're trying to discredit him."

Mr. Rupprath was hired by Swift Boat Veterans for Truth on the recommendation of Merrie Spaeth, a Dallas public relations executive assisting the anti-Kerry group.

The Repuglicans really are scared shitless by Kerry's military service. As Kos sez:
It's easier to attack Kerry's heroism than it is to defend Bush and Cheney's cowardice.



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