Monday, July 19, 2004

Four More Months!

An Atriosian gave a shout out to Citizens For Legitimate Government who covered Chimpy McFlightsuit's July 16th visit to Tampa:

Got their peace on! Posted by Hello

While the Idiot Usurper did not arrive until almost 10:30, protesters began arriving at 8AM. The day started with a light rain which reminded me of countless other Bush protests – there is just something about that man that sucks the light right out of the sky, even in globally-warmed Florida where the heat index is routinely reaching 105 degrees this year. A smattering of Bush supporters stood across the street – some 20-30 strong. Oddly enough, half were teenaged girls. Briefly, they attempted a rousing chorus of “Four more years! Four more years!” but they were handily drowned out by the protesters who countered with “Four more months! Four more months!” Eventually, the anarchist contingent decided that the Bush folks looked a bit lonely, so they rolled up their tie-dyed banner (which proclaimed “Bush el exterminador de humanos” went across the street and unfurled it again directly behind the Bushies. They were followed by two men (OK – well one of them was my husband) with a large “Fire the Liar” banner, and shortly afterwards by a cluster of ladies from Planned Parenthood. Later I overheard a woman from the Planned Parenthood contingent relate the reaction of the Bush supporters, which ran something along the lines of, “What are you doing over here? This is our side of the street.”


I cannot help but wonder where that 50 percent – give or take - of the country is that keeps telling pollsters they will vote for Bush in November. As many journalists have written just this past week, it is hard to find them, even amongst life-long Republicans. And who knows? There may even have been a few of those folks on our side of the street.


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