Monday, July 12, 2004


Seems Team Bush is suffering from Terroristphobia. What now, you ask? Everybody sing: Let's Call the Whole Thing Off -- elections, that is.

According to Reuters, citing a Newsweek report,, US counterterrrorism officials want to get a plan in place that will allow U.S. elections to be postponed if there's a terrorist attack on the day before or of the election.

Joe at The Moderate Voice has a nifty round up of opinions. Here are a few bytes:

Hindrocket at the conservative Power Line: "This report will start the propellers spinning on every tinfoil hat in America. But conspiracy fantasies aside, canceling a Presidential election would send the worst possible signal to everyone, not least the American people. Come Hell or high water, the election should proceed on November 2."

--Daily Kos: "Short of a full-out nuclear exchange of the sort much discussed during the Cold War, do you think there is any justification for calling off national elections?"

--Hullabaloo: "This is absurd. Unless the terrorists are somehow able to prevent large numbers of people from exercising their right to vote by bombing individual polling places there can be absolutely no reason to postpone this election. ...Somehow, I have to believe that if terrorists attack us around the election, Americans will crawl out of the rubble on their hands and knees to vote. But then, that's obviously what they're really afraid of, isn't it?"

--PZ Meyers: "There is no credible reason to postpone an election. These are despicable wanna-be autocrats trying to lay the foundation for a coup in the event that the campaign doesn't run the way they want. I am astounded that anyone could think this proposal is anything but a desperate, illegitimate, and unconscionable idea from a gang of unprincipled thugs."

--Suburban Guerilla: "So let me get this straight. They're worried that the terrorists will try to influence the elections with an attack, and their solution is... to allow the terrorists to influence the election? Or is it simply to postpone Bubble Boy's day of reckoning and hope events will turn the tide in his favor?"

Team Bush can't get away with this, right? Right? Someone wake me when this Nightmare is over, k?


At 1:55 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

>>Someone wake me when this Nightmare is over, k?

We may have to let you sleep in.



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