Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Worst. Attorney General. Ever.

Paul Krugman rips into John Ashcroft today and writes what we in the middle and us on the left have been saying for three+ years: Step aside, McCarthy. John Aschroft is the worst Attorney General ever.

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Ashcroft is incompetent. He’s a manipulator. He’s dishonest. He hates Americans. He thinks he’s above the law. And according to Atrios, Ashcroft “is obsessed with porn, pot, and prostitution” -- when most Americans think he should be obsessed with protecting America from real terrorists like Osama (remember him?) rather than locking up Average Joe for speaking ill of Bush and his cabal.

YT believes that Memogate will be the final nail in Ashcroft’s political coffin. The DOJ already has a successor on tap -- but first things first: Ashcroft’s ass on the grill.

From Krugman:
Last week Mr. Ashcroft, apparently in contempt of Congress, refused to release a memo on torture his department prepared for the White House almost two years ago. Fortunately, his stonewalling didn't work: The Washington Post has acquired a copy of the memo and put it on its Web site.

Much of the memo is concerned with defining torture down: if the pain inflicted on a prisoner is less than the pain that accompanies "serious physical injury, such as organ failure," it's not torture. Anyway, the memo declares that the federal law against torture doesn't apply to interrogations of enemy combatants "pursuant to [the president's] commander-in-chief authority." In other words, the president is above the law.

The memo came out late Sunday. Mr. Ashcroft called a press conference yesterday — to announce an indictment against a man accused of plotting to blow up a shopping mall in Ohio. The timing was, I'm sure, purely coincidental.

Riiiiiiiight. You’re getting sleepy…very sleepy…the memo’s are coming…we’re going to Orange alert…must…go…shopping…


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