Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Slutty and Stupid?

Say it isn't so. Wonkette's running a final communiqué from our favorite Staff Ass who's pondering such important issues as what to wear to her Playboy luncheon.

Now, I never cared if Washingtonienne took it up her a$$ for $400, but wouldn't grant an interview to the National Enquirer for $20,000. None of my concern how she earns her bumming around money. Regardless of her um, positions, I thought her a somewhat intelligent girl -- I mean, not every gal can capitalize on getting ass-fucked by old, married, Capitol Hill men. Poor Chandra only got a dirt nap for her efforts. But when Washingtonienne writes that she's signed with a literary agency for a 'fictionalized' novel, that's when I say enough! and toss my literary cookies. Seems Carlisle and Co's newest client is slutty and stupid.

Working Girl Posted by Hello

Good thing she's pretty.


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