Friday, June 11, 2004

Reagan Death Bounce

Donkey Rising brings us news of the recent LA Times poll that shows the GOP's fervently-desired Reagan death-bounce ain't gonna happen. Not even the death of the man who single-handedly destroyed the commies...pardon YT while she gags...can help stave off Bush's slide into the Hell where he belongs.
Bush's current advantage among men is almost non-existent (49-48), while he is behind by 13 points (40-53) among women. Kerry is ahead by 10 points among 18-29 year olds, consistent with the lead he has had among young voters in most polls. And he has a 2:1 advantage among moderates (60-32), though, interestingly, and in contrast to other recent polls I've seen, he runs slightly behind among independents (46-49; note, however, that among moderate independents, Kerry has a huge 63-31 lead). In terms of the three battleground states where LAT oversampled, Kerry is losing 42-48 in MO, dead-even in WI (44-44) and ahead 46-45 in OH).

And here's a startling result from their generic congressional ballot question: Democrats are favored over Republicans by an amazing 54-35 margin, including 3:1 among moderates (60-20) and even 51-38 among male voters.

Music to YT's ears.


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