Tuesday, June 15, 2004


Over at Salon's War Room, Geraldine Sealey blogs "Halliburton's egregious overcharges":
Abandoning trucks because of flat tires: $85,000. Putting 100 workers up at a 5-star hotel: $10,000 a night. Lavish spending and mismanagement by a politically-connected firm: Priceless. Actually, there is a price being put on Halliburton's wasteful shenanigans in Iraq: $8 billion.

Knight-Ridder writes: Halliburton Inc. paid high-priced bills for common items, such as soda, laundry and hotels, in Iraq and Kuwait and then passed the inflated costs along to taxpayers, according to several former Halliburton employees and a Pentagon internal audit."

" ... The 36-page report by the Defense Contract Audit Agency said that Halliburton subsidiary Kellogg, Brown and Root had a billing system that was 'inadequate,' had numerous deficiencies and billing misstatements and that KBR didn't follow laws and regulations relating to spending and recordkeeping. Its contracting practices are so bad, the auditors said, that KBR shouldn't be allowed to bill the Pentagon directly without the government poring over every detail in advance."

Birds of a feather...

Herr Leader Posted by Hello

Surprise! House Republicans are stonewalling the Halliburton Whistleblowers' testimony. They say it's only the 35th news release about Halliburton's criminal misdeeds since 2003. We liberals/democrats/truth seekers are such sticklers for accountability. Really, we need to get lives or something.


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