Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Premature Iraqulation*

Much has been and will continue to be written about Bremer's escape from Baghdad ...

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...and the timing of the US hand-over of power to the new Interim Iraqi Government, as Eric Boehlert writes in today's Salon feature article [sub only]:
This time there was no "Mission Accomplished" banner flying high.

Forsaking public, self-congratulatory speeches, the much-anticipated transfer of sovereignty to the Iraqi people did not take place among pomp and circumstance, nor was it captured for history by a throng of journalists. Instead, the transfer occurred nearly in secret inside a well-secured building behind the heavily fortified Green Zone in Baghdad, witnessed by a handful of participants in the five-minute service. Coming off a weekend of unending violence, during which more than 100 Iraqis were killed by terrorists protesting the U.S. occupation of Iraq, the pageantry of a ceremony on June 30 suddenly seemed less inviting to both the United States and its Iraqi partners in the interim government, and the transfer of power was quickly moved up to Monday.

It was just the latest U.S. plan for the Iraqi occupation to go awry. That sovereignty is being passed to Iraq against a backdrop of violence so extreme that martial law is being seriously discussed by the new Iraqi government highlights how poor the postwar conditions are and how big of a challenge the new government faces. Indeed, the handover occurs as a wide range of foreign policy experts have concluded that the plan to invade Iraq as well as the postwar-construction phase have failed on nearly every front.

Money quote:
The notion that the newborn Iraq government will be able to root out powerful insurgents, even though 138,000 U.S. troops have failed at that task over many months, strikes many observers as fantasy.

Well, whatayaexpect from the US Department of Fantasies?:

Over and over we've been told that Iraq is turning the corner.

When the statue of Saddam came down we were told that there would be a smooth occupation.

Once Uday and Qusay Hussein were killed, we were told the insurection would fizzle and stability would return to Iraq.

When both sons were murdered and the insurection gained strength, we were told that once Saddam was captured, the bloodshed in Iraq would abate.

When Saddam was captured and the insurgents grew stronger still, we were told that the handover of sovereignty will stabilize the war-torn country.

With the handover complete, the death toll and violence continues unchecked.

What Bremer and Bush and Bush's badministration have done is bail on Iraq for CYA purposes, and left Iraq with a sovereign government without complete sovereignty, let alone its own army, to battle extremist insurrection and possible civil war.

Sorry, George. What Powell said holds true: You broke it. You own it. We the People will hold you accountable.

*header shamelessly copied from Wonkette. Good one!


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