Monday, June 28, 2004

The No Truth Zone

Jack Mathews isn't messing around with Shrill O'Lielly. The veteran scribe's Daily Dish is being served up know, like that revenge stuff.

Unfair and Unbalanced Posted by Hello

In a column last week on "Fahrenheit 9/11," I paired political lefty Michael Moore with media righty Bill O'Reilly as "ideological thugs who play loose with the facts while fostering hatred in an increasingly polarized country.

I thought I was insulting Moore, but it was O'Reilly who got mad. He wanted me to appear on his radio show and defend myself. When I didn't, he told his listeners, "I guess old Jack couldn't reach the phone while hiding under his desk."

This amused me. [snip]

Here's what I'm willing to do, right here, in my medium of newsprint. I'll serve up some O'Reilly untruths, courtesy of the media watchdog group Media Matters for America (, and you disprove them - in your column, or on your radio or TV show, wherever the truth wants out.

I'm sure Media Matters will be watching.


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