Friday, June 18, 2004

Mr. Pot? Meet Mr. Kettle

Jeanne Lenzer brings us news via The Agonist of Bush's plans to screen the entire US population for mental illness come July 04. Bush's plan, however, has nothing, nothing, not a thing! -- diddly squat, really -- to do with his long-standing ties to drugs, er, drug companies.

Crazy is as Crazy does Posted by Hello

Mr. Jones told the BMJ [Ms. Lenzer] that the same "political/pharmaceutical alliance" that generated the Texas project was behind the recommendations of the New Freedom Commission, which, according to his whistleblower report, were "poised to consolidate the TMAP effort into a comprehensive national policy to treat mental illness with expensive, patented medications of questionable benefit and deadly side effects, and to force private insurers to pick up more of the tab."

The Agonist notes: "The government would assess the mental health of all Americans (starting in pre-school) and diagnose and treat with drugs those individuals that failed to meet the government's criteria."

You first, Mr. President.


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