Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Move America Forward Update

Since Russo Marsh & Rogers aka Censorships R Us is in my backyard, I'm particularly interested (proud, even) to continue to broadcast their stoooopidity and hypocrisy via my little byte of cyberspace. Natasha at Pacific Views got her peace on and called RM + R to get the scoop. One of many amusing graphs - amusing only for the respondent's sheer idiocy:
Also, while we had been talking about Iraq, Guiney was pointing out good things that soldiers were doing over there, like giving candy to kids. Also, that they were "escorting little school girls to school, in a country where they weren't even allowed to go to school [before.]" I tried to clarify that by reading the quote back to her and asking which country she was talking about, and she said Iraq and Afghanistan. When I asked her specifically where this action was occuring, she finally said that she'd been talking about Afghanistan. Third time's a charm.



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