Friday, June 25, 2004

Kabul for Kerry

Political Wire scoops USA Today's breaking Kerry fundraiser in Kabul.

Kabul Rocks the Vote Posted by Hello

KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) — With armed Afghan guards at the gate and a Democrat donkey mascot munching leaves in the shade, dozens of American expatriates held a fundraiser in Kabul on Friday for U.S. presidential hopeful John Kerry. About 60 people, mostly nongovernment aid workers, gathered at a restaurant garden across town from the fortress-like American Embassy, declaring "Kabul for Kerry."

"It's important to show that there are Americans everywhere, even in Afghanistan, who want a change of leadership in the United States," said organizer Karen Hirschfeld, who is helping Afghans get ready for this year's national elections.

"For the future of Afghanistan, Iraq and America, we need someone with a more rational foreign policy who will work with the international community," said Hirschfeld, from Winchester, Mass. "We think John Kerry will be a good leader."

Awww.... Franklin the Democratic Donkey, munching on grass in the shade... isn't that just the warm-fuzziest visual? Sure as hell beats cluster bombs in marketplaces.


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