Tuesday, June 22, 2004

It's the war, stupid!

There are tears on Republican pillows today because darn it, economic strength does not prevent political war-time fallout. No matter how bright the economy looks, so long as the central political theme of Team Bring-it-On Bush is true -- that we are in the midst of a world-wide war that is far from over and predicted to worsen -- the rosy financial future is irrelevant. Pocketbook issues skitter away in the all-scattering winds of war. Sure, the economy will play a role in voters' decisions in November, especially for the 3 million folks whom Bush sent to the unemployment offices, but Team Bush cannot wish the war away. The 963 and counting coalition deaths won’t go quietly into the night. Voters will judge Bush on this war he chose to wage whether he (or his Repuglican apologists) likes it or not.

But don’t take my words for it. Let election history be your guide; the rule is simple; the result as predictable as sunrise: if America is at war, war-related issues trump all domestic issues. Period.

George Don’t-Bogart-That-Joint W. Bush has billed himself the ‘war president’, even dubya-ing his campaign tour Winning the War on Terror Tour. Pity the mess he made of Iraq continues to tailspin out of control, as the evidence that the world is actually MORE dangerous -- thanks to his failed policies -- gets piled higher and deeper. Strip away his Commander-in-Chief's crown, and Emperor Bush has no clothes.

Of course the wingnutters have their Talking Points Memo and have engaged in an all-out blitz that it’s the economy, stupid! that will frog-march voters to the polls. The stench of desperation coming from the right is palpable. See, the other half of Americans have awakened from their 9/11 paranoiatriotic nap and are saying no to the kool-aid. Given the steady stream of information that proves Bush’s foray into Iraq was the most significant abuse of presidential power in our nation’s history, come November, We the People will vote, and Iraqifuckation will cost Bush his presidency.

[sigh] Stripping and hooding him and wiring his genitals aren't options.


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