Thursday, June 03, 2004

Inquiring Minds

DNC Chairman McAuliffe wants to know: Who's next?

Memo to George: You broke it; you fix it! Posted by Hello

In response to today's strange (only for Bush's delivery) announcement that Tenet is walking away from the mess Bush created, the DNC's head cheese issued this statement:
"With the Senate Intelligence Committee Investigation of Pre-War Intelligence report due out in a few weeks, the timing of the Tenet resignation is highly questionable. This White House has presided over some of the worst intelligence failures in American history and this resignation amplifies the widespread problems with how this President has overseen the intelligence community. George Tenet may now be out of the picture, but the President remains and needs to answer for these intelligence failures.

"There are two real questions today. What will the Senate Intelligence report show and who in this Administration will be the next to go? It is time for the President to come clean with the American people about how he is going to hold his Administration accountable for the mistakes it has made."

YT predicts that Asscroft will be the next fall-on-the-sword-guy.


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