Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Harper's Index for May

Today The Hamster links to Harper's Index for May 2004 and blockquotes this juicy tit-bit:
Amount that Tom DeLay's political action committee spent at the Washington, D.C., Hooters last November: $117.19 [Federal Election Commission (Washington)]

Other entries include:
Minimum number of misleading statements on Iraq made by the Bush Administration's top officials since March 2002 : 237 [Committee on Government Reform (Washington, D.C.)]

Percentage of these that contradicted, made selective use of, or mischaracterized existing government intelligence : 100 [Committee on Government Reform (Washington, D.C.)]

Chance that an American adult believes that "politics and government are too complicated to understand" : 1 in 3 [National Home Education Research Institute (Salem, Oregon)]

Chance that an American who was home-schooled feels this way : 1 in 25 [National Home Education Research Institute (Salem, Oregon)]

Go. Read.


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