Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Coming Sooner

YT predicted a fourth of July release, but Michael Moore went one better...
"On behalf of my stellar cast--GW, Dick, Rummy, Condi and Wolfie--we thank this incredible coalition of the willing for bringing Fahrenheit 9/11 to the people." Michael Moore

Fahrenheit 9/11 will be released June 25, 2004!

Let the fireworks begin! Posted by Hello

"Fahrenheit 911 is expected to unspool on about 1,000 screens across the country, making it the biggest release ever for a documentary."


At 3:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Outstanding! Do you think it will be showing at Tower Theater? I bet it will be. Gosh, I can hardly imagine what Micheal Moore unleashes on Bush. It's going to be great!!! Shelly


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