Monday, June 21, 2004

Amy "ABB" Tan?

Tristero brings us news of Amy Tan's wanting. What's her wanting? To reach undecided voters and swing 'em left. In an email -- circulated with permission -- Amy writes:
Dear Friends:

If you are receiving this and are an ardent Bush supporter, I apologize. Please ignore the rest of this email. We both know I won't change your mind, and you won't change mine.

However, if you feel we may need a different President for the next four years, I hope you will find the following useful.

Like many of you, my stance on the elections has been basically "anyone but Bush." When John Kerry evolved as the Democratic candidate for President, he became my choice as well. I found, however, I was not as passionate about Kerry as I was passionate about simply getting rid of Bush.

Yet I wanted to be a strong Kerry supporter. I wanted to know why I would choose Kerry beyond partisan politics, why we needed someone exactly like him given the fact that our country has never before suffered such a rapid loss in our civil rights, the environment, our educational systems, employment, health care, our economic health, our standing in the world, our ability to deal with terrorism without it escalating into a worse situation--in essence, the now fragile underpinnings of our future, in which any one of those troublesome situations could undo us, let alone a multitude of them.

So what makes John Kerry particularly well-suited for the Presidency and these times?

I asked a friend who might know better than I. Scott Turow, consummate writer, Chicago lawyer, a smart guy, a sensible man with a conscience, who stays up to date with the issues that face our country.

Scott emailed me a quick response. And it was so articulate and concise, so well informed and true, that I wanted to share it with my friends. I have reprinted it below, I encourage you to send it to your friends and family, and encourage them to send it to their friends. I especially hope you will send it those who are undecided or have not yet bothered to register. Please also consider making a special effort to reach people in "battleground" states, for example, the Midwest, Colorado, and Florida, and find the biggest issue that affect them personally, be it health care, education, stem cell research, or the security of our nation. Be able to articulate specifically why Kerry addresses their best interests. Herewith some remarks you can say about the overall qualifications of John Kerry....

Scott Turow’s remarks on John Kerry and why he is the right person to be President:
I could say the following without blushing: He is running against a man who was not fit for duty in 1968 and is not fit for duty today, a man who lacked the qualifications for the office when he was elected and has demonstrated it. We have been through a skein of national disasters, for which he accepts no blame, because he literally doesn’t understand enough about the job to realize how a better President would have responded. John Kerry has been in public life for 35 years.. He was a prosecutor when GWB was running an oil company into the ground. And he was already a seasoned United States Senator when GWB decided it was time to give up abusing substances. JK has a sharper grasp of foreign policy, and more experience with it, than any candidate for President in the last 50 years, with the possible exception of GHWB (see today’s NYT). His dedication to the cause of our military and veterans is long established. And his commitment to economic and social justice for all Americans cannot be doubted. A man can’t be the committed liberal Bush sometimes maintains Kerry is, and also the unprincipled waffler. Life and public service are complicated, as GWB doesn’t understand. JK does. He has a sense of nuance, and the experience and values to improve the life of the country.

There you have it, folks. Bush bad. Kerry good. Turow coulda just written that Bush is a fucking moron, but Turow's a professional wordsmith dontcha know.


At 7:07 AM, Blogger Drunken Proletariat said...

You pretty much sum up how most of the world feels about that man who occupies the Whitehouse. I saw a DVD a couple of months ago called "Unprecedented-The 2000 Election of Bush" (or a title close to it). I recommend it, I hope it's available down there. It will literally curl your hair to see just how blatant the fraud was that got him to the office of "President". I think that for your upcoming election the UN should send in an international team of election supervisors to monitor the voting process, since Americans seems to have lost control, and the press have long been asleep on the job. I think Americans are in trouble when 50% of them cannot see the obvious about that man Bush. I know that there are many thoughtful, intelligent people down there (you, for example) whose voices are being shouted down by the paleo-conservative-hive-mind that has a firm grip on so many. I visit a lot of conservative sites, I read their shit and then engage them in BATTLE! It's seems like a lost cause.

At 9:44 AM, Blogger Capitola said...

Hey there, DP--

I hear what you're sayin'. It boggles the mind that Bush has ANY support. I can't stand the fucker. You're right, 50% (can that number be correct?!) of Americans are lazy and/or stoooopid (sheep, really) who believe what their government tells them without question. Look at how complicit our media was in the run-up to the Iraq war, repeating the WH's lies, one after the other. It's frightening I tell ya. We the People are split. The polarization! Talk about palpable. I've yet to meet an 'undecided' here in California. Everyone I encounter is either like you and me -- disgusted by George W. Bush and his failed policies -- or like the people who frequent the wingnutter sites like Little Green Footballs or Instapundit -- you know, the pass-me-the-kool-aid-and-all-will-be-"right" crowd. They're crazy. AND they vote. Perhaps Micheal Moore's movie will give 50% of the US population a heart attack this Friday and voila! problem solved November 04 :-)


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