Thursday, May 27, 2004

Free Iraq

Win Without War wants a "date certain" for ending the US military occupation of Iraq. Nationwide protests of the Bush Iraq policy are planned for June 26th and 27th.
There is no military solution in Iraq. Win Without War, therefore, is calling upon our government to commit to ending the military and economic occupation of Iraq and to withdrawing our troops by a date certain.

"U.S. actions in Iraq are squandering precious lives, national treasure and international support," said former Congressman Tom Andrews (D-ME), National Director of Win Without War. "The prisoner abuse scandal has shamed America and increased the danger to U.S. troops. The occupation is shattering hopes for genuine Iraqi freedom and undermining U.S. and international security."

SF Shout Out 3/03 Posted by Hello

The group announced a weekend of nationwide protests of the Bush Iraq policy on June 26 and 27, just days before the U.S. says it will hand sovereignty of Iraq to a UN chosen administration. The weekend action will be organized with Win Without War members and the Internet based organization True Majority as well as the coalition United for Peace and Justice.

Get your peace on!


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